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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Panama City Beach!

There is lots more to come! This is our yearly picture. Mrs. Susan comes down from Columbia to take our picture each year. She does such a great job! We have about 350 pictures to go through and post. We are having a blast! Thomas has loved to the beach this year! He loves the sand, beach and waves! He runs and falls flat on his belly in the sand! Hopefully, I will get more posted in a day or two!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Lake Martin FUN!

We went out on Lake Martin with some of Chuck's highschool friends. Thomas and Jaycee had a ball! Thomas wanted her hat and Jaycee wanted his glasses. Even with the 2 year age difference they played so well together! They were all laughs and giggles the entire day!

Thomas and "Hudsee"

Hudson "aka Hudsee" came over to play with Thomas while his mother went to an appointment! They are such good friend and play so well together! Sweet Boys!

Slow down Thomas!

Last Thursday morning I was in our room folding clothes. Thomas was in and out playing with different toys and looking at books. All of a sudden he took off running through our room and stepped on a book he had been "reading". The book slipped out from under him and he went flying into our bedroom door. This HUGE knot popped up! He is okay but has a huge bruise now.

Happy 4th of July!

We had a fun filled 4th. We started the day on Lake Martin with some friends and Chuck's co-workers. This has become a tradition! We had a blast and the weather was perfect. We were on Lake Martin from 9 am to 6 pm. We took our boat out and headed to Lake Jordan for the fireworks. Thomas as in awe. I was kinda worried that he might be scared of them but it was the complete opposite. He kept saying "Loud Loud" but never took his eyes off of them! What a fun day!

Happy Birthday Kaden!

One Sunday afternoon we headed to Alex City for Kaden's birthday party! It was a water party and Thomas was in heaven. He and Kaden tried out the Slip-n-slides before all the other kids got there. They had so much fun! Happy Birthday Kaden! Hope you had fun at your party!

That little Monkey!

One morning I was in the kitchen cleaning up and when I walked into the living room this is what I found! That little monkey! He made himself a nice chair on the couch complete with goldfish!

Downtown Splash Park

We met some friends one Friday morning downtown at the Splashpark. This was the first time we had been down there. It was really nice but kind of tough to get to. The boys had a blast though running through the water.

His father's child!

One morning I went in to check on Thomas and this is what I found! I just about died laughing! Boys will be boys!

Surprise Daddy!

Chuck turned 30 on June 2. The night of his birthday we went out to eat and went to Bass Pro. That is what he wanted to do. I had been planning this party for months. The weekend of the party he went to a Braves game on Saturday. He was gone most of the day so I got a lot done. On Sunday, the day of the party (June 7th), our cousin-in-law Josh and I came up with this plan for them to go fishing. Josh told Chuck that he had to be home by 4:00 P.M. for a Church party but it was actually for Chuck's surprise party! When they pulled up, Thomas went running out to him. Everyone was behind the gate waiting on him. We yelled "Surprise"! He was shocked! I was soo excited that I had pulled it off without him finding out. We had so many friends and family that came. Thank you for making this special for Chuck!

Summer fun in Columbia!

Thomas and I spent several days in Columbia a couple of weeks ago. We swam the entire time we were there. This is when Thomas really "took off" swimming! He jumped and jumped and jumped. He is like a little fish!

Lay Lake

Chuck and I decided one weekend to ride up to Lay Lake since I have never been on that lake. The sun was out and it was BEAUTIFUL for ohh, maybe like the first 5 minutes. No really we did have some sun but all of a sudden this black cloud came up. The weather was awful. We tried to make it back to the boat ramp but there was no way! We pulled under someones boat slip and just waited it out! Thank you, whose ever it was!