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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Card Picture take 1

I took Thomas out to Sturbridge on Saturday to try and take a picture of him for his Gran's Christmas Card. Well, let's just say I didn't get ANYTHING! It was freezing, it is kinda hard keeping a 19 month old still, and take the picture all by yourself. And to top it all off, after about 5 minutes of being out there my camera decided that the battery needed charging and it died! So I guess we will try again!

Take 2!

OKAY! So after the first diaster, January and I tried to help each other. IF it isn't hard enough to get one 19 month old to sit still we tried to get 2 19 month olds to sit still. We both got one good picture to use! They are soo funny!

Ta Da!

Mama's Christmas Card Picture! Too precious for words!

Zoo in Lights!

Chuck and I took Thomas out to the Zoo to see the Christmas lights! Of course it had to be freezing the night that we chose to go. We bundled Thomas up and here we went. He looked like the little boy off the movie, "The Christmas Story". He was too funny. People in line were having a fit over him. He was trying to do his "famous" waving and "HEY!" but he couldn't really move his arms very well. He loved the train and looking at all the lights!


This is priceless!! Last year in his Santa picture he was looking at Santa in AWE!! This year he just about had a HEART-ATTACK when I sat him in Santa's lap! It's funny how much in a year things change! Santa I promise he has been a pretty good boy this year!

Bad hair and the wrong side of the bed!

I took this right after Thomas woke up from a nap! WOW! Look at that hair! He looks like a pack of rats has been fighting up there. Not to mention the face he is making. Don't think he was ready to get up yet! This hair is even after a haircut! What are we going to do with this mess?

The "Lemmond" Tree

Aunt Babbie sent us this lemon tree in January after Thomas and I had been for a visit. I had no idea that it would produce lemons this year. There are 4 on the tree. I can't wait for them to be ready. I love lemons and it just fits because of our last name! I have lemon stuff all over our kitchen! Thank you Aunt Babbie!

Yard Sale

Thomas and I had a Yard Sale the first of November. Of course the day I picked turned out to be one of the coldest days yet and the wind was blowing 100 mph. Needless to say we didn't so very well and we didn't stay out there very long. I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of him. I thought he looked so cute in this blue sweatshirt.

Fall Festival with Arden!

We went to the Fall Festival at Arden's church. Thomas had a blast! He played almost all the games but his favorite was jumping in the blow-up thing! I didn't think we were ever going to get him out of it. He would get out and then run right back in. He is getting so big!

This tree is AWESOME!

I put up our tree while Thomas was napping one day. I didn't have all the ornaments on by the time he woke up but I did have it all lit up. He thought it was AWESOME! I loved laying in the floor and looking up at it. Now there are presents under there so he won't fit! He really hasn't bothered it too much. I thought that we would be constantly saying "NO" but he just stands there and looks at it and points to the ornaments! Such a sweet boy!

I want THIS for Christmas!

Thomas sat down in the floor with this magazine full of toys! Apparently he knows exactly what he wants for Christmas. Sure hope he tells SANTA!

Talking to Gran!

Thomas loves to talk on the phone. I guess he gets it honest. Chuck and I are always on the phone and now Thomas has to talk every time I am on it, (no matter who I am talking to). This is a little video of him talking to his Gran!