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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Mama wanted to try and get a recent picture of her and Thomas. He just wasn't in the picture taking mood! This one was the best that we got!

My whole family surprised grandmother and all went to church with her and then we all went out to eat for mother's day. The only ones missing were my husband and my cousin Brooke and her family. We missed ya'll! This was very special for Grandmother!
After we ate we stopped by the nursing home to see Uncle Buddy. He showed more life and awareness in him that I have seen in quite a long time. Mama and I got tickled at Thomas and starting laughing. All of a sudden Uncle Buddy busted out laughing! He did this 2 or 3 times. It was soo funny!

Thomas is a STAR!!

Saturday, May 9th 2009, was the River City Festival in Columbia. The Country singer Shane Owens was there for a concert. Thomas was down in the front of the stage playing his blowup guitar when Shane spotted Thomas. Shane pointed at him and motioned for his Manager to go get Thomas. Shane's manager put Thomas on the Stage. Thomas stood in the same spot for 1.5 hrs, YES I typed an hour and a half and played his little blowup guitar! It was priceless! After each song Thomas would prop his guitar up by the microphone stand and clap his little hands. Shane would say "Give it up for Thomas" after each song and the crowd went WILD. After the concert Shane told me "I don't know if you know it or not but he has got some SERIOUS TALENT"! Man those words sure can make a mama beam! On Sunday we were in Blakely, GA eating lunch for Mother's Day and a lady came up to me and said " That's Thomas isn't it? I saw him yesterday! That was awesome! I took tons of pictures of him!" Wow! Didn't know my little man was such a STAR!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Arden!

Arden turned 2 10 days after Thomas! They are such good buddies! We helped celebrate her birthday at her house with a pool and slip and slide party! They kids had soo much fun! Happy Birthday Arden!

Boat Ride with Daddy!

We have somehow made it a tradition to go on a boat ride the Sunday after Thomas's birthday parties. We did it last year and then again this year! Thomas loves to go on "daddy's boat"! We had such a blast!

Playing in the Sprinkler with Trey!

Trey came to spend the night with us the night before Thomas's party at the zoo. We brought out his pool and sprinkler from last year. The water was still pretty cold but he had a blast! He would run through it and then hollar "Mommy it's told (cold)!" It was soo cute. His lips were blue by the time he was finished playing!

Happy 2nd Birthday Thomas!

Mommy and daddy got Thomas this swingset for his 2nd birthday! He thinks its pretty cool. It took MANY hours to put together and thankfully Pop and Josh got it all together! Thank you Pop and Josh. I love playing on it!

We had a small party for Thomas at our house the night of his actual birthday! He got some cool toys.

The night after his birthday we headed on over to the Mexican Resturant to have a good ole' Mexican party. Thomas had a fit when they put that sombero on him and he also didn't like it too much when they put the chocolate fudge and whipped cream on his face. He got to open the presents from Aunt Babbie and Uncle Johnny while we were there. He got a Thomas the Train computer and puzzle. He was in heaven!

The "3rd" party was at the Zoo. He had soo many friends and family that were there. We got to ride the train, see the animals and had cake and icecream. He had a blast! Thank you everyone that came out to the zoo for his party! I only had a few pictures on our camera but Thomas's Aunt Lori made some amazing pictures of that day!

The last party was a cookout at our house after the party at the zoo, mainly to Thank Josh for helping put together his swingset. The train cake was never cut at the zoo so we had cake and icecream AGAIN! Three days of partying will wear you out!!!

Prize for using the Potty!

Thomas gets a prize when he uses the big boy potty. This particular night he picked a blue ring pop! He had it all over him. Even running down his belly. It took a WHOLE LOT of scrubbing and teeth brushing to get the blue off. That ring pop must have been REALLY good!

Easter Morning

This was Thomas's Easter Basket that the Easter Bunny brought him. He had ALL kinds of goodies in it!
He was so excited about his basket. He got a Thomas the Train and that was the first thing that he wanted to play with.

That sure is a HUGE sucker!

This picture is so funny to me. I was trying so hard to get a good picture of him in his Easter outfit that his Gran worked sooo hard on. He just absolutely refused to smile at me and finally put his hands on his hips and stomped off. This is sooo Thomas!

As you can tell he has been crying but this is the best picture I got out of the whole bunch! Still think its pretty cute!

Haleburg Easter Egg Hunt

After the Easter Egg Hunt in Columbia we headed up to Haleburg to Buster and Darlene's church's hunt. They had a huge blowup slide and Thomas had a blast on it. They hunted eggs and had snacks. What a fun weekend!

Columbia Easter Egg Hunt

My church in Columbia has an Easter Egg Hunt every year in memory of a pastor of ours that passed away with Cancer. Thomas has gotten to enjoy it the last two years. He wasn't really fond of the Easter Bunny though!

Dying Easter Eggs with GG

GG gets the eggs ready to dye every year with Thomas! He loves doing this! She enjoys it just as much!

Flying a Kite!

We went out to Shakespeare one Windy afternoon to fly a kite! Thomas was a little more interested in jumping in the mud puddles than flying the kite. He would hold on to it and then let it go and laugh as Chuck chased after it. Too funny!

Hilton's Party!

We celebrated Hilton's birthday with him at Pump It Up! This was Thomas's first time at Pump It Up and he had a blast. He went up and down the slides all by himself. He and Katelyn would go down the big slide together. They had soo much fun!