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Friday, August 22, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

This is just to prove how BUSY Thomas is. He never slows down, unless he is sleeping.

I am old enough to babysit.

Thomas went to "babysit" Virginia and Elizabeth Tuesday night. He loves going and playing with them, he just HATES their cat. Virginia and Elizabeth will do anything that he wants to do.

No I want to wear Daddy's Shoes!!!

Thomas has always loved shoes. Well, not all shoes, just those that aren't black! Lately, if Chuck or I leave our shoes laying around Thomas will try and wear them. I caught him the other morning. I thought this was too cute!

Silly Thomas!!

Thomas loves to leave his shirt on his head like a hat. He thinks this is sooo funny. Here are a couple pictures I got one day while trying to get him dressed. He is such a HAM!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Kindermusik was a HIT!!!

Today was Thomas's first day of kindermusik. For those of you who don't know what kindermusik is, it's kind of like a play group with organized songs and dance. It is designed it increase interactions with parent and child. Anyway, Thomas absolutely loved it. He kept laughing and clapping. The teacher even came over and took him to dance with her. He thought it was grand. He is the oldest and the only boy in the class so far. But that didn't stop him. No pictures today. It is kinda hard to take pictures and chase a 15 month old. Hope to have some pictures soon.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thomas slow down...

Saturday night we went out to eat with January, Terry and Arden. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings. After we finished eating, January and I took the kids outside to let them walk around. There is a fountain and they threw pennies in it. Of course Thomas just couldn't walk, he had to run. Chuck and I stopped him several times and told him to slow down. Like any little boy he kept on and eventually the dreaded happened. He went face first into the cement! He skinned up his face and knees. He did his breath-holding again which scared me half to death. He looks soo pitiful. Here are a few pictures.

Beach Baby

We had our annual family beach vacation the end of July. Our friends, January, Terry and Arden make the trip with us. Thomas and Arden had a blast at the beach. He loved the sand and on the other hand Arden hated it. I was so surprised that he like the sand but he loved it. Mama's friend, Mrs. Susan Brock, comes down each year and takes pictures for us. She does such a great job! These are just a couple of the pictures that she took.