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Monday, October 13, 2008

Dreamfield Pumpkin Patch!

Saturday we went to the Dreamfield Pumpkin Patch in Union Springs. What a cool place! They had so much to do for the little guys! Thomas got to do everything except the cornfield maze, and the cow train ride (they were having malfunctions with the train ride). He had a blast and picked out a very special pumpkin of his own.

What a SAD Day!

On October the 10th we said "goodbye" to our beloved THIS (a.k.a passy)!! Oh what a sad day! Thomas loves his this and blankie very much. When things aren't going his way he would run and get this and blankie. They made all things better. I think I might have been more upset on Friday than Thomas was. Well, at least until bedtime that was. To me this was the last little bit of "babyhood", except for diapers that is. We kept him busy all weekend in hopes he wouldn't "think" about it too much. He did great until went to put him into his carseat. He always screamed as soon as I would put him in his seat, "THISSSSS!!!!". Oh so sad! Say a prayer for Thomas, that he will forget THIS very soon! and say a prayer for his mama and daddy that we don't give in and give it back to him.

Let's Ride again!

We took Thomas to the fair last week. He had a blast and unlike his mama loved to ride. He got on this scrambler boat with Chuck. It made me sick just watching it. He loved it!

Thomas won first place!!

Lori entered this picture of Thomas into the contest at the Alabama National Fair and it WON!!! We were so excited. I wanted to go to the fair just to see his picture. When we walked up to it Chuck asked Thomas who it was and he pointed to himself. It was soo cute. This was the picture that we used on Thomas's 1st birthday invitation. This fishing pole is an antique that Aunt Donna and Uncle Rick let us borrow! I prayed the whole time that 1.) Thomas didn't fall in the lake or 2.) Thomas didn't drop the pole in the lake. We got the exact shot we needed without a disaster, thanks to Aunt Lori and her neice, Hannah!

KK you are soo Silly!

Lori and the kids were at our house a couple of Sundays ago. Thomas and Katelyn had such a good time playing. They played so good together. Katelyn jumped up on the couch with Thomas and said, "Aunt Anna take our picture!". I grabbed the camera and ran over there and just as I snapped it this is face she made. Thomas thought it was soo funny. This picture is priceless!

I love my GG!!!

My grandmother, Thomas's GG (great-grandmother), came to stay with us for a week while Chuck was out of town. While she was there, I took advantage of my time and tried to get LOTS of things done around the house. One of the days I had the carpet cleaned. This meant I had to move all the furniture around and get most of what I could off the floor. Grandma stayed on the screened in porch with Thomas while the men were there cleaning. I looked out the sliding glass door and this is what I found! Precious!!! I wouldn't take this for the world! He loves her soo much and she adores him too!

Riding in the Buggy, Thomas mine, Thomas mine!!

At kindermusik we sing this song called "Riding in the Buggy!" Thomas loves this song. When we sing it we pull them around in a clothes basket. He thinks this is grand!!! We have pulled him around the house, the yard and anywhere else a clothes basket might be! One of our neighbors laughed and said " Do I need to buy Thomas a wagon?". I laughed and said, "No he has a Radio Flyier that his Uncle Jim and Aunt Dell gave him for Christmas but this is the new thing right now!" He absolutely loves this! I have even sang this song in Wal-Mart to keep him happy while I buy groceries!

10 Year Reunion ALREADY?

My 10-year class reunion was this year. We went to the football game on Friday night and then had a cookout at the Hamm's Barn on Saturday night. It was soo good to see old friends and talk about the" good ole days". I haven't seen some of these people since the day we graduated. We had a blast!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Coming Soon!!!

Well, here I go again getting sooo far behind on my blogging. I have so much to post and will post in the next day or two. Check back soon!