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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Santa I want...

We were a little unsure of how Thomas would do going to visit Santa but he did GREAT! He walked right up to him just like he knew what he was supposed to do.
Chuck and I were standing back in amazement. We couldn't believe he sat in his lap. He told Santa exactly what he wants for Christmas. A BLUE MOTORCYCLE. I sure hope Santa can figure this one out!
He got candy canes! He love them and his visit. You could just see the little wheels in his head rolling. He was taking it all in!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Merry Christmas!

First Dentist Visit!

Thomas was such a little Champ at the Dentist on November 30, 2009. He walked straight back like he knew exactly what to do! He only got upset with Dr. Davis went to check his teeth!
Thomas has a little fluoride defect on his bottom teeth. Dr. Davis assured me that it is nothing to get too concerned about. We just have to start using toothpaste with fluoride in it.

I would recommend this Dentist to anyone. They are sooo kid-friendly and make the experience a pleasant one for the parent and the child!

Pettus Reunion in Birmingham!

Every year we take a HUGE family picture. This year we had to use our camera because they couldn't get the other camera to work. I think it turned out pretty good!

I could eat this picture up! He was playing so hard in the sandpile. I just sat there and took picture after picture of him.

Thomas had such fun playing in this huge sand pile! He played and played!

This is such a sweet picture of him to me! I just love close-ups of him!

He ran and played all day long! He had a blast playing football, soccer, digging in the dirt and playing on the swingset. He truly loves to be outside!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We decided to get a smaller tree this year since we are having Christmas at our house and becuase of the house being for sale! We got a small 6ft tree and this year we have colored lights on it. Chuck has always wanted colored lights but we have had a prelit tree with white lights. It turned out really pretty!
Thomas got a little excited about putting the tree up and all the Christmas decorations!

Thomas called himself "helping" Chuck put the decorations up outside. Chuck did a fabulous job! This is prettiest our house has ever looked at Christmas!

Of course we had to change into Christmas PJ's to get some pictures of Thomas decorating the tree. He did such a good job and was sooo careful with the ornaments. He loved looking at all of them, especially the ones that are his.

Where's Thomas?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thomas had such a blast playing Thanksgiving Day! He played football with Gran and Layne, road the tricycle and swang! He had so much fun playing with all of his cousins.
Four Generations!

Thomas thought he was as big as Aubrey and had to climb to the top of the swing too. Uncle Rick got this swing from an Oil Rig and all the kids love it!

My sweet Grandmother and Thomas' GiGi. Oh how he loves her and she him! He can get her to do anything!

Riding the Gator!

Aunt Donna and Uncle Rick graciously opened their home to the Hicks and Cooper Clan! I wish I had done a head count but there were a pile of us! Thank you Aunt Donna and Uncle Rick! You out did yourself!

I love my GiGi!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We headed over to Frazer for the Halloween Carnival. It was sooo crowded you really couldn't do much. They did a puppet show and had a parade of costumes which was really cute. Thomas was a little clingy. He was too sure of some of the people dressed up but he had a good time.

Dreamfield Farms Pumpkin Patch

On my 30th Birthday, Thomas and I headed over to Dream Field Farms! Gran and GiGi came and met us there. Thomas had a blast! He loved the corn sandbox and especially loved the big slides. He even got Gran to go down with him. Such a fun time of year!

House Divided!

Arden and Thomas were too cute this Halloween! Wow just realized in the last picture I posted they are holding hands! Too funny! They are too cute together. They are like and old couple. She bosses him around and he does just as she says!

Halloween at Kindermusik!

Too precious for words. We dress up every year at Kindermusik! We have so much fun and the kids looked adorable.