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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears OH MY!!

Today Thomas and I took a trip to the zoo. I have been wanting to take him for some time but it has been so hot. He had a blast. I think he liked the monkeys the best. We rode the train, ate icecream, he got an animal sippy and we just walked around and looked at all the animals. I can't wait to take him again. So much fun!!!

I want to dry my hair too!!!

This morning I was trying to get dressed for church and Thomas kept wanting my hairdryer and my brush. I wouldn't let him have the brush because I was using it. He mumbled something to me and ran off into his room. He came back with his brush. Too funny!!! Is my boy smart or what!?!

I love Auburn Football!

Thomas and I went to watch the Auburn game with my Friend, Paige, last night. He was so sweet and did so good through almost the entire game. He gave it up the last 5 minutes of the game.

I love KK!!

Katelyn and Thomas had a ball while we were eating. This was the first time that they really played together. It was so cute to watch them. She wanted to carry him and hold him and he thinks he is as big as she is.

Mommy I want Mascrara Too!

Friday night on the way to eat out for Bart's Birthday, Thomas was pitching a fit!! I couldn't figure out what he wanted so I handed him one of my old mascaras ( as I have done many times to keep him quite). Chuck and I were talking and I never looked in the backseat until we pulled up to the resturant and I went to get him out. He had gotten the mascara opened and had painted his face good!!! Up his nose, in his mouth and all over his face. I busted out laughing. Guess I won't be giving him mascara anymore. Somehow he managed not to get it on the White Polo Shirt he was wearing.

Thanks Aunt Lori!!

For those of you who didn't see the previous post of Thomas in the pink Barbie jeep, this is now how he rides. His Aunt Lori couldn't stand the fact that he was riding in a Barbie jeep and brought him this Dump Truck. He loves it and is like a wild man! This thing will fly!!!! He has so much fun riding it. Thank you Aunt Lori!!

I love to swim!!

After the soccer game we went back to Aunt Babbie's for a swim. Thomas was more interested in playing with the waterhose. He was making us so nervous walking around the pool because he has no fear. Aunt Babbie went and found him a lifejacket to wear. He loved just floating in the pool with his lifejacket on.

Let's Play Soccer Eli!!!

A couple of weekends ago we went to Gulf Shores for a wedding. On Saturday morning, we got the chance to go see my little cousin, Eli, play in a soccer game. Thomas thought it was so cool and of course he thought he was as big as Eli and wanted to ge out on the field during the game. Uncle Steve is the Head-Coach for Eli's team. During each time-out Uncle Steve would let Thomas come out on the field and play for a few minutes. He LOVED it! I can't wait until he is old enough to play sports.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Vote for Thomas!!!

Thomas's GG saw in the newspaper that the Dothan Eagle was having a cutest kids contest. She wouldn't leave me alone until I entered him. Check it out at Thomas is number 93. If you are voting online the minimum is $5.00, otherwise it is $.25 per vote.

Not a Pink Barbie Jeep!!!

Mrs. Kathy brought this jeep to mama for Thomas. He could care less that it is a Barbie Jeep. He thinks it is sooo cool!! If you aren't watching out he will run right over you! He rode all over mama's yard this weekend. Too cute!

Like Father Like Son!

This picture is price-less. Thomas's firist fishing trip. He thought he was really doing something. Just wish he had actually caught a fish. It won't be long daddy and he will beg to go fishing with you!!!

Boat Ride with Daddy!

We took Thomas on a boat ride! He loves to ride on the boat, he just doesn't like to sit still. The first picture was taken just as we started riding and the second picture was when we were finished. His hair was sooo funny! Finally he has hair to mess up!!!!

Nooner with Unc!

Thomas and Unc layed down to take a nap while we played cards. They looked so peaceful sleeping I just had to take pictures. Two of a kind!!!!

Happy Birthday Trey and Lorin!!

Trey and Lorin,

I hope you had a good time at your party. Thank you for inviting me!!

Love, Thomas


Thomas has always loved a bath but lately he REALLY loves it. The lays down in the tub and acts like he is swimming and blows bubbles. Couldn't resist sharing this picture.