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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Take me out to the Ballgame!

I could just eat him up!
Our friend from back home had a ballgame in Montgomery! Thomas was READY!
Couldn't you just eat him up?!? This boy LOVES baseball! He gets it honest!

Joy to Life!

The fountain down town was pink!
He was so good this morning!
He wanted his face painted like Spider Man! Thought it was a good idea to start with but the paint didn't "dry"! He had it everywhere by the time we got home!
He was so patient!
So proud! My little spider man!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Golf with Daddy!

Thomas put his Golf Club with his daddy's. Too funny! Chuck was calling it a Goofy Club!
He was so precious putting his tee up and sitting his ball on it!
Look at that little hand!
He had to get it just right!
Daddy had to give some golf lessons!
Oh the concentration!

Happy 3rd Birthday Bailey!

Bailey turned 3 this month. We have known Bailey for a while but Thomas and Bailey haven't seen each other lately! Bailey and Thomas started daycare together when they were very little. Thomas only went to that daycare for a very short period of time. We "reunited" with Bailey when his mother started working at the Cancer Center with Chuck and then one day I went to work and she was working at my job. Such a small world. He had a bowling party at Gunter Airforce Base. This was the first time that Thomas had ever gotten to bowl. He loved it!
GiGi and Thomas headed to the party!
Man this ball is heavy!
Happy 3rd Birthday Bailey!