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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We headed over to Frazer for the Halloween Carnival. It was sooo crowded you really couldn't do much. They did a puppet show and had a parade of costumes which was really cute. Thomas was a little clingy. He was too sure of some of the people dressed up but he had a good time.

Dreamfield Farms Pumpkin Patch

On my 30th Birthday, Thomas and I headed over to Dream Field Farms! Gran and GiGi came and met us there. Thomas had a blast! He loved the corn sandbox and especially loved the big slides. He even got Gran to go down with him. Such a fun time of year!

House Divided!

Arden and Thomas were too cute this Halloween! Wow just realized in the last picture I posted they are holding hands! Too funny! They are too cute together. They are like and old couple. She bosses him around and he does just as she says!

Halloween at Kindermusik!

Too precious for words. We dress up every year at Kindermusik! We have so much fun and the kids looked adorable.

Eli's Birthday Weekend!

What a fun weekend! It started with a little wrestling with Uncle Johnny. Thomas thought he was as big as the big boys. On saturday, Eli, Dylan, Thomas and I headed to the pumpkin patch to get pumpkins to carve at the party. The boys had a blast. We then went back to Aunt Babbie's and ate McDonald's down by the water. The big boys then headed to the Corn Maze and Thomas napped while Aunt Babbie and I decorated for the party. During the party they had a Savanger Hunt, busted pinatas, had a bon fire and had cake and ice cream. On Sunday morning they carved the pumpkins and then we went on a little boat ride. Truly a fun weekend!

Zoo Boo!

We took Thomas to Zoo Boo this year! He was scared to death! He did have fun playing the games though but the Train Ride was a little to scarey for him! We will know for next time!

Our Pumpkin!

Chuck bought a pumpkin from Publix for Thomas to carve. Thomas wasn't much interested but we sure had fun with it. We even roasted the seeds. The pumpkin served it's time on the front porch but didn't make it all the way to Halloween!

Baby Powder Fun!

One afternoon I was cleaning the kitchen and Thomas came in and said "Mommy mear!" aka Mommy come here. I walked in his bedroom and all I could do was laugh! He had the baby powder and was changing Bear's diaper. Guess he thought Bear needed some powder! He had powder EVERYWHERE! Oh well! Could have been a lot worse~!

2009 Alabama National Fair

We started out at the Photography Exhibit. Aunt Lori entered 2 of Thomas' pictures this year and 1 of them won again. Way to go Aunt Lori! We then headed to the fairway! Thomas wanted to ride everything out there. Of course, most things he was too little to ride and he pitched a fit! We did find a few things and he loved riding. After riding we headed on over to the other exhibits. There was this little "pickin and grinin" band playing. One of the men let Thomas play his guitar and Thomas was in HEAVEN! He started smiling ear to ear!

Halloween Cupcakes!

Thomas got to make some Halloween cupcakes! He loved getting to mix it all together! They actually turned out pretty cute and he sure did enjoy getting to eat them!