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Monday, October 13, 2008

What a SAD Day!

On October the 10th we said "goodbye" to our beloved THIS (a.k.a passy)!! Oh what a sad day! Thomas loves his this and blankie very much. When things aren't going his way he would run and get this and blankie. They made all things better. I think I might have been more upset on Friday than Thomas was. Well, at least until bedtime that was. To me this was the last little bit of "babyhood", except for diapers that is. We kept him busy all weekend in hopes he wouldn't "think" about it too much. He did great until went to put him into his carseat. He always screamed as soon as I would put him in his seat, "THISSSSS!!!!". Oh so sad! Say a prayer for Thomas, that he will forget THIS very soon! and say a prayer for his mama and daddy that we don't give in and give it back to him.


Christy and Gregory said...

The speecy in me says YAY!!!! Your kid is so cute. How did it become a "this"?

The Lemmond Family said...

Everything started out as This mainly because that is one of his few words. Not real sure how passy got the name of this.

Mom and Dad said...

So I hope everything is going well. :) I dread the day we get rid of Ava's binky.