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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thomas slow down...

Saturday night we went out to eat with January, Terry and Arden. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings. After we finished eating, January and I took the kids outside to let them walk around. There is a fountain and they threw pennies in it. Of course Thomas just couldn't walk, he had to run. Chuck and I stopped him several times and told him to slow down. Like any little boy he kept on and eventually the dreaded happened. He went face first into the cement! He skinned up his face and knees. He did his breath-holding again which scared me half to death. He looks soo pitiful. Here are a few pictures.


Lori Mercer said...

OMG! That first picture freaked me out! He looks ghostly! :)

LMilky said...

oh anna! another wonderful blog to check! Thomas is so gorgeous- even with his boo boo nose and chin. Our family will call boos boos "gangs" cause when the girls choke during feedings they scream "GANG!!" so that is our little words..."awww Gang Thomas!"

Anna Caroline said...

dear thomas
i hope you are alright.
it would have scared me to death if i had the same problem.
ps i could see those buggers up that nose
ps you look like anna and chuck
anna caroline